Adele Reveals the True Story Behind ‘Hello’

As Adele gears up for the release of her new album, 30, fans are hanging on her every word about what the album will include. This weekend, the singer’s concert special Adele One Night Only will be premiering. In a clip for the special, the singer revealed what her chart-topping hit “Hello” was really about.

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What was ‘Hello’ about?

Adele will open the concert series with “Hello.” In a new clip, obtained by People, she explained her reasoning to Oprah Winfrey.

“I’m always going to start with ‘Hello,’ ” she said. “It’d be a bit weird if it was like, halfway through the set, you know? So yeah, I’m starting with it.”

“Hello” was “the beginning of me trying to find myself, and I hadn’t figured out yet what it was that I had to do for that,” she said.

“When I wrote it, it was a real ode to like, little me, older me, all of these things,” she said. “It’s just a song about like, ‘I’m still here.’ Like, ‘Hi, I’m still here, I still exist in every aspect of my life.’ “

Adele’s divorce impacted her album

Adele filed for divorce from her ex-husband Simon Konecki in 2019.

“The timeline the press have of my relationship, my marriage, is actually completely wrong,” she told British Vogue. “We got married when I was 30… and then I left. It just wasn’t… It just wasn’t right for me anymore. I didn’t want to end up like a lot of other people I knew. I wasn’t miserable miserable, but I would have been miserable had I not put myself first. But, yeah, nothing bad happened or anything like that.”

Ultimately, the marriage was not the kind she wanted to model for her son, Angelo.

“I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t happy,” she told American Vogue .“Neither of us did anything wrong. Neither of us hurt each other or anything like that. It was just: I want my son to see me really love, and be loved. It’s really important to me. I’ve been on my journey to find my true happiness ever since.”

Adele’s album is for her son

Adele and Konecki are co-parenting Angelo. Luckily, Konecki lives on the same street as the singer, so the change hasn’t been a big adjustment. Still, Adele revealed that her son is sometimes confused as to why the divorce is happening. So, she wrote 30 as a way to explain the divorce to her son and also model behavior for him.

“I just felt like I wanted to explain to him, through this record, when he’s in his twenties or thirties, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life in the pursuit of my own happiness,” she said. “It made him really unhappy sometimes.”

One Night Only

Adele One Night Only will air Sunday, Nov. 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+. The special will include an outdoor concert at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, where Adele will perform songs from 30, and an intimate interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Adele Reveals the True Story Behind ‘Hello’
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