‘Dr. Brain’: Episode 2 Breakdown and Synopsis

Apple TV+’s Dr. Brain has fans intrigued with its thriller storyline as a genius scientist delves into the minds of the undead to find key information about his family’s tragedy. The Korean drama takes viewers into a mind-bending story that straddles the edge between reality and memories. Dr. Brain episode 1 introduces Koh Sewon (Lee Sun-kyun) as he discovers there is much more to his son’s death than he realized. Dr. Brain Episode 2 continues the hunt for answers.

Sewon’s dive into the memories of others starts to unravel the dark mystery that plagues him. But, as the investigation continues, Sewon learns just how far his technology can go and how it manifests into his reality.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Dr. Brain.]

Koh Sewon for 'Dr. Brain' episode 2 in medical basement talking to recorder.
Koh Sewon for ‘Dr. Brain’ episode 2 | via Apple TV+

Sewon starts to put the pieces together of what the memories mean in ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 2

After the events of episode 1, Sewon goes into the fragile mind of his comatose wife. The scene cuts to a memory of Sewon in bed with his wife, but something is wrong. Sewon watches his son leave through the backyard as his wife tells him not to follow, and their son is better off away from him. Viewers will get chills as Jaeyi (Lee Yoo-young) falls to the ground as she becomes engulfed by endless blood. She rises from a pool of blood as Sewon asks what is wrong, and an older version of Jaeyo says, “Honey.” Sewon is witnessing his wife’s desires, fears, and nightmares.

In a small fragment of her memory, Sewon sees a woman walking away with his son. In reality, a comatose Jaeyi has a seizure, stopping the brain sync. The following day, lieutenant Jiun (Seo Ji-hye) visits Sewon and questions him about his wife’s whereabouts and her affair with Junki (Kim Joo-hun).

Sewon is appalled that Ji-un believes he hurt his wife after finding out about the affair. Seeing no other choice, Sewon leads the detectives to the medically equipped basement to his wife. After they leave, Sewon looks for Kangmu’s (Park Hee-soon), the P.I.’s, number. But Sewon soon realizes his reality has become a memory.

Junki’s memories start to paint a bigger picture for Sewon

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In the original Apple TV+ K-drama, Sewon soon realizes he is witnessing one of Junki’s memories regarding a young girl named Heejin. The memory also shows Junki in a car with Jaeyi and their son. Needing help, Sewon meets with Kangmu. While talking, Sewon witnesses another memory of Junki, Heejin, Sewon’s wife, and their son at a clinic. The memory reveals Jaeyi disregarded Sewon’s warning not to take their son to a facility to help children with special needs.

Sewon hires Kangmu to help him investigate and visit Junki’s home, where he was murdered. Because of the brain sync with Junki, Sewon knows the door’s passcode. As Sewon walks through the house, Junki’s memory of his death manifests. The scene cuts to Jiun and her partner at the morgue and learns Junki was killed by an expert who knew the body’s vital areas. At the same time, they find the incision Sewon made to brain sync with Junki.

Back at Junki’s house, Sewon reveals his brain sync technology to Kungmi, who does not believe him. They investigate Heejin’s room, and Sewon realizes she is a special child like her son. In a new memory, Jaeyi gives her son’s cat to Heejin and tries to explain his death. Sewon looks under the bed and finds Heejin’s treasure box with her grandmother’s address.

Sewon brain syncs with an animal as answers to the real perpetrators are revelad in ‘Dr. Brain’ Episode 2

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In Junki’s yard, Sewon finds his son’s cat. Realizing the animal is still within the necessary time frame of death, Sewon brains syncs with the cat. Dr. Brain Episode 2, soon reveals Heejin is alive and was staying with her grandmother. But two unnamed assailants break, kill the grandmother and kidnap Heejin.

Back at the lab, Sewon brian syncs with the cat and witnesses Junki’s murder and a glimpse at the two assailants and a license plate. The following morning, Sewon goes to visit Heejin’s grandmother to find the home surrounded by police. As Sewon walks away, he miraculously catches a baseball without looking. He soon realizes he now has the cat’s agility and perception.

Needing more answers, Sewon asks Jiun to run a license plate after convincing her that is something more at play. The license plate belongs to Kangmu, and Sewon learns Kangmu was a former detective turned private investigator. In a shocking twist, Jiun informs Sewon that Kangmu died four days ago.

Dr. Brain is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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‘Dr. Brain’: Episode 2 Breakdown and Synopsis
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