Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine

Jennifer Lopez is known for being in great shape. One thing you might wonder is how she maintains her physique. Here’s what we learned about J.Lo’s workout routine.

Jennifer Lopez’s secret to a fit body involves more than exercise

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Diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle contribute to Lopez’s amazing physical condition. In addition to working out regularly, she tries to pay attention to what she eats as well as her sleeping habits and stress level. One of her personal trainers, David Kirsch, says Lopez is serious about making sure she practices healthy habits in all areas of her life.

“Jennifer is meticulous about her eating, sleeping and generally about everything in her life,” Kirsch tells Vogue magazine. “It’s not just a physical thing—it’s about transforming every aspect of your life.”

Jennifer Lopez’s exercise routine

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Kirsch revealed some of Lopez’s secrets to toning her body. He says Lopez’s typical workout routine includes platypus walks, sumo lunges, side kicks, and squat jumps.

 “Jennifer and I do a lot of platypus walks with a wide stance, also known as a sumo walking squat,” he tells Vogue. “It’s great for your inner thighs and butt.” Lopez also does single leg deadlifts, boxing, and some Pilates during her workouts with Kirsch.

Kirsch appreciates that Lopez is so dedicated to her workouts. He likes that she’s serious about staying in shape. “We mix some cardio, plyometrics, full body, core and lower body into her workouts—they are very, very intense and she takes it very seriously, which is exciting for someone like me,” Kirsch adds.  

Jennifer Lopez works out to be healthy and not just look good

During an interview with InStyle, Lopez says she takes a different approach to working out. For her, it’s important to put health first. Although it’s great to look good, this isn’t her top priority. Lopez says it’s more important to be in great health.

“I also think I’m in the best shape of my life,” Lopez tells InStyle. “In my 20s and 30s I used to work out but not like I do now. It’s not that I work out more; I just work out harder and smarter. And it doesn’t take me as long as it did in the past. I do it more for my health than I do for looks, which is funny. When you do things for the right reasons, you actually look better!”

Jennifer Lopez says working out makes her happy

Exercising can be tough, but Lopez says getting a workout in makes her happy. She once told Hello! magazine that staying active is important to her.

“I am 100% convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy,” she told the publication. “Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness.”

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Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine
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