Prince Charles Will Have to Make 1 ‘Difficult Choice’ When He Becomes King, Expert Says

Queen Elizabeth II recently dealt with several health scares, which led to a lot more serious talks about Prince Charles becoming king. People have long tried to predict what Charles’ reign might look like. An expert is now predicting that Charles could have to make a ‘difficult choice’ when he ascends the throne.

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The crown will likely not skip Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth has been a very popular monarch. At age 95, she remains the most popular royal, according to research firm YouGov.

However, Charles does not enjoy the same popularity as his mother. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was embroiled in a huge scandal when his marriage to Princess Diana broke down. Around the same time, the public also discovered he had an extramarital affair.

Charles’ reputation has since improved, but he is not as popular as his son, Prince William, who is next in line to the throne. As a result, there have been discussions about the crown possibly skipping Charles and going straight to William.

According to royal experts, Her Majesty reportedly rejects this plea.

“The Queen doesn’t believe in breaking the rules, she does not want Charles to step aside when she passes,” royal correspondent Simon Vigar said. “William doesn’t want that to happen.”

Prince Charles will reportedly have to make 1 ‘difficult choice’ as king

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Relationship expert Neil Wilkie recently analyzed Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles and how it will shape his reign as king.

“Camilla has been respectful and graceful. She’s stood behind Charles. She’s displayed her love for him,” Wilkie said, according to Express. “But she hasn’t come to the fore. She’s just been there to support Charles, and to support royalty.”

However, Wilkie predicts that, despite having support from Camilla, Charles will have to make a ‘difficult choice’ when he takes the throne.

“It’s certainly an opportunity for him to have a bigger voice and to be taken more seriously but he will also realise he’s got a very limited time horizon to do that in,” Wilkie explained. “So, it’s a question of whether he’ll say, ‘OK, I’ve got 10 years of useful life left, I’ll make that most of it’ or ‘I’ve got 10 years and what I want to achieve is a smooth transition for my son, [Prince] William.’”

Wilkie added, “That’s going to be a difficult choice for him. When he’s waited so long for this opportunity, and it almost comes too late, that must be difficult.”

Another expert thinks Prince Charles cannot ‘fill the shoes’ Queen Elizabeth left

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It is still too soon to tell what Charles’ reign will look like, but journalist Camilla Tominey does not think Charles will be able to “fill the shoes” that Queen Elizabeth left.

“That’s to no disrespect to either of them, but King Charles is now an older man and his obvious generation,” Tominey told CNBC, according to Express. “There is no way on Earth he can feel really the shoes his mother has left.”

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Prince Charles Will Have to Make 1 ‘Difficult Choice’ When He Becomes King, Expert Says
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