‘Ragdoll’: Episode 2 Recap – the Kill List Decreases

AMC‘s Ragdoll Episode 2 continues the story of DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira), and Lake Edmonds (Lucy Hale) into figuring out who the Ragdoll killer is. Episode 1 of the crime drama introduced the characters and the infamous kill list. The new episode takes things further as the victims on the list start to meet their fate. But Episode 2 reveals just how manipulative the murderer is.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Ragdoll.]

Character Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for 'Ragdoll' in holding cell.
Character Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for ‘Ragdoll’ | Luke Varley via AMC

The main characters uncover how the killer commits the murders in episode 2

The episode begins with Rose having a terrible nightmare of the Cremation Killer and the Ragdoll Killer case. The next day, he is having a meal with Baxter who explains how the mayor was killed while under Witness Protection in episode 1. His inhaler was switched with a highly flammable substance, sulfide. When the mayor ignited his cigarette, it caused a chemical reaction. Rose deduces someone must have switched the inhaler only a few hours prior.

The team moves to a new office in the basement and is visited by the deputy commissioner. They explain someone on the WP team must know something about the killer. Baxter looks over the WP team’s body cams. In a mirror, she notices one of the officers switching the inhaler.

Baxter and DCI Terrence Simmons (Ali Cook) go to arrest the officer but fail to arouse suspicion when they go through an alarmed fire exit. In interrogation, the officer plays coy until he grabs a pen and attempts to stab himself in the head. Simmons takes it as an admission as the officer yells that someone wants him to die.

Nathan Rose looks for the next name on the kill list in ‘Ragdoll’ Episode 2

Character Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for 'Ragdoll' talking on the phone.
Character Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for ‘Ragdoll’ | Luke Varley via AMC

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In another part of town, Rose and DS Finlay (Michael Smiley) visit Nick Hooper (James Tarpey), the Cremation Killer’s brother and the next hit on the kill list. But, Nick’s girlfriend learns from the news about the kill list when Rose arrives. They flee their apartment. Looking for his own answers, Rose visits the psychiatric hospital where he stayed.

He tricks the head doctor to take him to the library. When he is gone, Rose finds the bible Joel (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) used to write the number of the unknown hitman. Rose notices certain words circled in the bible. Putting together the words and the verse number they belong to, Rose knows the number to the Ragdoll Killer. Outside the hospital, Rose calls the number and taunts the killer.

In another part of town, Edmond revisits the tattoo parlor. The tattoo artist refuses to reveal the identity of one of the dismembered victims. Seeing as Edmond has a determined persona, she allows herself to be tattoed to get information. The female victim was the Cremation Killer’s parole officer.

The kill list gets smaller in ‘Ragdoll’

Characters Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for 'Ragdoll' running through backyard.
Characters Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose in episode 2 still for ‘Ragdoll’ | Sam Taylor via AMC

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Ragdoll Episode 2 takes a drastic turn when the team finds out DI Chambers (Tim McDonnell) is missing. Chambers was the officer who filed a complaint about Rose during the Cremation Killer case. Rose remembers breaking his arm during the scuffle at trial. Edmond checks the database to compare Chamber’s prints to one of the body parts. It is a match.

After the horrible reality, Rose leaves, and Baxter chases after him. She reveals Chambers was not the one who filed the report, it was her. Overcome with emotions, Rose calls the killer on the roof and threatens to commit suicide. The killer warns Rose if he does, Baxter dies.

Rose and Edmond discover a phone number contacted Chambers since the beginning of the Ragdoll case. Calling the number, it is reporter Andrea Wyld (Natasha Little). Chambers was her informant on multiple cases. After spending the night together talking, Baxter and Rose wake up to learn Nick thinks he saw the killer and wants protection. If Nick is put in WP, they would not be able to get information. But Simmons already informed WP.

Rushing to the precinct, they try to persuade Nick to tell them what the killer looks like. As WP arrives, so does lawyer Alyssa Airley. After she leaves, Baxter checks on Nick and finds his neck has been slashed. Rose chases after Airley. She is distraught on the phone and says she will do it. Rose watches as she steps in front of an oncoming truck.

Ragdoll is available to stream on AMC+.

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‘Ragdoll’: Episode 2 Recap – the Kill List Decreases
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