‘The Bachelorette’: Michelle Young’s Episode 4 Recap — What Happened and Who Went Home

Last night’s episode of Michelle Young‘s season of The Bachelorette featured two one on ones and one big group date. Amidst the chaos, new connections formed, and a new villain revealed himself. Here’s what you missed, including who went home this week.

Michelle Young and Martin stand in front of BMWs for their one on one date on 'The Bachelorette.'
Michelle Young and Martin on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Martin’s one on one

The first one on one went to Frosted Tips Martin and took place at the BMW Performance Center. Michelle and Martin spent the day learning how to drift and racing each other (Michelle outshined Martin on both accounts). After the driving portion of the date, the two took a soak in a hot tub next to the race track and sipped champagne. Martin had been close to Jamie, so Michelle wanted to learn if she could trust her date.

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“I don’t think he’s a bad person,” Martin said of Jamie. “I still think he’s a hell of a man.”

Michelle was unsure of what to make of Martin’s take on the Jamie situation.

“I’m not sure if he was defending Jamie… I felt like my decision was potentially being questioned and that’s not a good feeling,” she told cameras.

During the dinner portion of the date, Martin shared that he’d never been good at communication and that it’s something that he’s working on, specifically referencing their previous conversation about Jamie. Martin feels he could have seen Michelle’s side better. He’s also always had trouble showing emotion. Michelle said that she had to learn how to talk about her emotions, too. The bachelorette gave Martin a rose and the two spent the rest of the date kissing under the stars in an observatory.

The pajama group date

Before the group date, the men all received goodie bags with different pajamas inside them. Some had fuzzy robes, some had sweat suits, some had just tighty whities (Chris S.). The men were told to change into their new loungewear and head over to the daytime sleepover. In the sleepover room there was a popcorn machine, cotton candy, and a Teddy Bear building station.

But as the date got going, Michelle felt the men weren’t really paying attention to her. They were wrapped up in having fun with each other.

“I didn’t prepare myself to not feel seen,” Michelle told producers.

Then, the men were split into two teams to wrestle each other with the use of their Teddy Bears. The winning team would move on to the cocktail party with Michelle while the losing team would return to the resort.

During the cocktail party with the winning team, Michelle spoke to her contestants about the way she was feeling. She told them she didn’t need “massive romantic gestures,” but even “a hello” would have been nice.

Michelle asked to speak to Nayte and told him that she was especially hurt he didn’t try to pull her aside during the day portion of the group date “because of the level of the feelings I have for you.” He apologized and told her “You’re definitely seen. My actions aren’t showing it but you’re definitely seen.” He promised to do better.

Olu got emotional after Michelle told the men how she felt. He cried, thinking of his sisters, who’d felt similar to the lead throughout their lives — “Not feeling accepted, not feeling beautiful”. “This is her time,” he said of Michelle. When Olu and the bachelorette spoke, he began to tear up again and told her, “I feel you, I hear you.” Michelle told him she appreciated him showing emotion “especially as a Black male” because it “helps me show emotion.” At the end of the group date, Olu got the group date rose.

Rick’s one on one

For Rick’s one on one, he and Michelle rode a gondola up to a high park above Palm Springs. They spent the day hiking among the trees. Toward the end of their hike, they stumbled upon a “wish box,” where hikers were instructed to leave a wish they’d like to come true, but only after reading all the other wishes that’d come before. One of them read “I wish my dad could see the man I became.” This wish hit a nerve with Rick because he lost his father three years prior to filming. Michelle and Rick left a wish about finding true love.

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During the dinner date portion of the evening, Rick opened up further about his dad. When he was young, he saw a woman had texted his dad. He told his mom about it and then a few days later, his mom told him that he and his siblings were moving out. He feels his dad blamed him for “blowing the whistle” until the end of his life.

“Those wounds are why you are the amazing person you are,” Michelle told him.

After their heart-to-heart, Rick told the bachelorette: “I can’t rule out the fact that I could be falling in love with you… I actually am looking forward to the moment where I can say that I am falling in love with you.”

He was awarded a rose and the two spent the rest of the evening dancing to Andy Grammer.

The rose ceremony

At the start of the cocktail party leading up to the rose ceremony, Chris S. addressed the group (and Michelle) and said that some men think they “have it in the bag” already, but that’s causing them to be complacent. They need to make Michelle feel seen or go home. After his speech, Chris S. pulled Michelle right away and told her that Nayte said he didn’t care if he got a one on one that week or not because he knew he’d get one eventually. After their conversation, Michelle spoke to Nayte and told him what Chris S. had said. For the first time, Nayte felt he was in a shaky place with the lead. He went to confront Chris S. but the two argued in circles. The other men decided that the “S” in “Chris S.” stood for “snake.”

“They all hate me,” he chuckled to the camera.

In the end, Romeo, Will, and Chris G. were eliminated.

Before the close of the episode, Michelle announced that she and the men would be heading to Minnesota to see where she grew up, marking the end of The Bachelor‘s two-year traveling hiatus.

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‘The Bachelorette’: Michelle Young’s Episode 4 Recap — What Happened and Who Went Home
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