‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Loving 1 of Hope’s Recent Looks

One of the main storylines in The Bold and the Beautiful involves the fashion industry. Throughout the show, fans have watched their favorite fashion houses, Spectre Couture and Forrester Creations, battle it out on the daytime soap.

(L to R) Liam Spencer, Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester in a scene from 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
(L to R) Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer, Annika Noelle as Hope Logan and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

However, sometimes fans haven’t always bought into the costuming, with many calling out the show for its poor costume choices. One character, however, seems to have gotten the much-needed change, and fans are living for it. One of Hope’s recent looks has viewers more than excited.

Fans love Hope’s recent look

Hope Logan hasn’t always been the most fashion-focused person on The Bold and the Beautiful. Her outfits usually consist of dresses with many helming below the knee. Although this makes her look approachable and the typical nice girl, fans have longed for a change for a while.

A recent post by the show’s Twitter account highlighting the standout outfits by the leading ladies had fans talking. Although all of the ladies looked stunning, one fan pointed out that their choice wasn’t in the pictorial, saying they would go for Hope.

The fan said, “They all look good. But I’ll go with Hope since she wasn’t wearing a terrible dress.” The comment gathered a few nods of agreement from other B&B fans who thought Hope’s outfit looked stunning. Another fan commented about loving Hope’s jacket and was backed up by another fan.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ has come under fire before for its poor costuming

Soap operas are often wildly exaggerated. While no one expects them to be grounded in reality given the constant plot twists, fans hope for, at least, some aspect of believability. The Bold and the Beautiful revolves around the Forrester family, who run the successful Forrester Creations, and are leaders in the fashion world.

However, the outfits that the characters wear on the show have some fans questioning whether the characters should be involved in couture in the first place. The characters work in an industry where one outfit costs an arm and leg, but many cast members wear off the rack department store clothing, which has fans frustrated.

Some viewers took to Twitter to voice their frustration, with many claiming that the characters’ clothes don’t reflect their lines of work. Some fans claim that although the show’s storylines “are trash as usual,” they are always too “distracted by the horrible costuming of every episode” that the dialogue goes by unnoticed.

Paris’ style has become a fan-favorite

Soap operas typically consist of plotlines focused on love triangles, betrayals, and scandals. However, fans aren’t too keen on the typical makings of a soap opera in recent years and instead pay serious attention to the costumes as they make or break the characters.

With a show that is centered around fashion, fans have for a long time longed for change, and Paris’ fashion sense seems to be the answer for many.

Paris arrived sporting bright pink hair, an unconventional look for the otherwise formal and reserved Forrester Creations. The minute the younger Buckingham let herself known, she made it clear she only played by her own rules, and her fashion sense reflected the same.

Paris has fans begging for more with her colorful eyeliner, piercings, brightly colored hair, and style that borrows from the ’90s.

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Are Loving 1 of Hope’s Recent Looks
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