‘Days of Our Lives’ Speculation: Lucas Issues A Double-Cross To Chad

On Days of Our Lives, Sami’s kidnapping has taken center stage. The mystery of who did it, and why, still hangs in the air — somewhat. But all signs point to Lucas being at the center of her kidnapping plot. Yes, folks, the same Lucas who claims that he wants to build a life with Sami — and ran off to Europe with her to rebuild their relationship — is looking like he’s responsible for her kidnapping. Chad DiMera, it seems, also knows the truth of the matter — and if he testifies to that in EJ’s trial, everything Lucas worked for will be blown out of the water. So, will Lucas issue a double-cross to put an end to it?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of Our lives spoilers focus on Chad, pictured here in a white Polo shirt
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On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Chad is stuck between a rock and a hard place

Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) has put himself between a rock and a hard place over at Days of Our Lives. He knows the truth behind Sami’s kidnapping. But what is he to do? If he lies on the stand, he could go to jail for perjury if it’s discovered — not to mention will put an innocent man (EJ, in this case) behind bars.

Sure, EJ may not be the best husband — who sleeps with Nicole, of all people, his brother-in-law’s ex-wife? — but that doesn’t mean he kidnapped Sami. It also doesn’t mean that he has the right to rot in jail for something he didn’t do.

This creates a quandary.

Things get hairy at EJ’s trial

According to Soaps.com, the Jan. 17 episode of Days of Our Lives will release some real drama in the courtroom. The outlet teases that things will get messy at EJ’s trial today, especially since Friday’s episode left off with a cliffhanger. Remember, Chad’s already been called to the stand to testify. The question of what he’ll do in response remains in the air, but there’s reason to believe that he’ll tell the truth about Lucas and his role in Sami’s kidnapping.

“If there are two events which you can pretty much assure will spiral out of control in Salem, they would be weddings and trials. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that things get completely cray cray at EJ’s trial,” reports the outlet.

Given that EJ’s already threatened to murder Lucas, one has to wonder how much “cray cray”-er things will get. But that, again, hinges on what Chad says. But let’s assume he tells the truth. What will happen then?

Lucas issues a double-cross

According to SoapHub, upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives will feature Lucas issuing a double-cross. This will certainly put Chad in danger. Could Lucas be “cray cray” enough to put a hit out on Chad? Well, given that he’s already kidnapped the alleged “love of his life,” that question should answer itself.

Of course, this is all just speculation. We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives to find out for sure.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Speculation: Lucas Issues A Double-Cross To Chad
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