‘Family Feud’: How Winning Families Prepare for the Hit Game Show

On July 12, 1976, a game show hosted by Richard Dawson hit prime-time television and changed the way we thought about public opinion. Its name, Family Feud, and purely by design, would cause the host, contestants, and audience to spend 30 minutes of their time laughing.

With humorous questions that begin with “We asked 100 people…” followed by “The survey says…,” there is always room for unexpected replies. Each one of the six hosts since its original air date knew how to take those replies and make them even more humorous with a raised eyebrow or comment.

With such a long-running history, some people wonder what it takes to become the winning family. How do you know what a mere 100 people think and then come up with it in mere seconds? “Survey says… the answer may surprise you!”

How families prepare for ‘Family Feud’

Steve Harvey hosts Ray Romano and Brad Garrett during a Family Feud episode
Family Feud host Steve Harvey with Ray Romano (L) and Brad Garrett (R) | Byron Cohen/ABC via Getty Images

Although the show looks completely random, it’s a well-oiled machine. Therefore, contestants must put their best foot forward if they want to take home the win, as KSR explains. For most families, this means practice, practice, and practice some more.

In fact, some top winners from Family Feud Canada opened up about their pre-game strategy. Most admit they spent a lot of time watching past episodes, reports CBC. They put themselves on a timer in their living room to ensure they were ready to think fast if they make it to the Fast Money round.

You should also prepare to follow the basic rules of the game. For instance, if you are selected to be on the show, your phone must surrender your phone when you enter the set. They’ll give it back to you when you leave. You should also note that when practicing for the show, you should aim for the buzzer rather than the podium.

Commercial breaks are when you can use the bathroom and get some water. If preparing for your time on the show, you may need to take some time to practice doing commercial-break activities quickly.

Another secret to success involves being energetic, confident, and ready to have fun alongside Steve Harvey. The show’s producers are more likely to choose your family if they think you’ll bring a lot of energy to the set.

Perhaps the most important advice for anyone who wants to appear on Family Feud: Stop overthinking. It’s not easy, but you must avoid thinking too much about your personal answer choice. Instead, be ready to answer with what others may say if they’re asked the same question.

How to organize a winning ‘Family Feud’ team

It takes more than a quick mind to win Family Feud. Your team must be organized, and you must consider each family member’s strengths and weaknesses, according to Good Housekeeping.

The family members with the fastest response time when put on the spot should be the first and second person on your team concerning the order you stand together on stage. You want them there so they can take control of the game early. It’s also helpful to know that when their hand hovers over the buzzer, they can react quickly and correctly.

In the third and fourth positions, you want creative family members who can think outside the box. They are the ones who have a solid grasp of the idea that most people would likely think of “this” when asked questions. They should be able to come up with an off-the-wall answer if you have two strikes on the board.

Toward the end of the show, if you go into a sudden death round, you want your most calm teammate to be ready. The person who never gets flustered should be in the back, waiting, like a secret weapon.

It’s ‘Family Feud’ showtime: What now?

Once your family has been called on to participate in the mock show or join the show, you need to be prepared to deal with several things. For instance, you should bring a few changes of clothes on the trip with you. Ideally, you will bring three outfits, all featuring bright, solid colors. The producers will decide which clothing options look best on camera.

You will also need to be ready to do your own hair and makeup. There are people available who can help you touch up during the show’s commercial breaks if necessary. But you will be the primary one in charge of your onscreen appearance.

On Family Feud, even those who fail to win can still take home a little cash. Many families report that they receive $500 after a loss. However, patience is a virtue. No one will receive money quickly. It takes approximately 90 days for contestants to get paid. The money arrives divided up five ways so every family member gets paid. Winnings are subject to income taxes as well.

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‘Family Feud’: How Winning Families Prepare for the Hit Game Show
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