‘Succession’ Shiv Roy Actor Sarah Snook Had 1 Major Fear After Season 2

On Succession, Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) seems fearless. Considering she convinced a whistleblower not to testify against her father and supported her husband, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) going to prison to take the fall, it seems little fazes Shiv. Snook is not Shiv though, and she had one major fear going into Succession Season 3. 

'Succession' Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) speaks on a cell phone on an outdoor deck
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Snook was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on Dec. 8 before the Succession Season 3 finale aired. Even before the bombshell of the finale, Snook revealed her apprehension about the latest season, as well as how she overcame it. 

Sarah Snook’s ‘Succession’ fear wasn’t about Shiv Roy

Snook’s concern was not about her own character, Shiv. She shared an overarching concern about following up Succession Season 2.

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“My fear coming out of season 2, which was so well received, to shoot season 3 was that there would be this sense of awareness,” Snook said on Awards Circuit. “In a weird way, because of the pandemic, because of the restrictions we had with COVID, all these regulations in place, we had an obstacle. So we had something to overcome together. I think that really helped us as a team to band closer together and bind us in a way to create something that we’re proud of in the way we were season 1 and season 2 when we weren’t necessarily aware that we were being watched.” 

A break served Sarah Snook well

Were there no coronavirus pandemic, Succession Season 3 would have filmed earlier. Once HBO took the time to adapt COVID-19 safety protocols, Snook valued the down time. 

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What a gift to have some time off. I think it was the first time maybe in my career that I wasn’t stressed about not doing anything, wasn’t stressed about having time off because I knew Succession would begin again at some point. As an actor, anybody in creative arts industries knows having work ahead of time and know that you can take the foot off the accelerator for a moment is always a good feeling. It was great and also what a benefit to have that time and space to think and breathe and do other dreaming, to then really have the full power to come back into season 3 for what we were demanded of doing during the season which was a huge amount of fun, but a lot of hard work during COVID too. 

Sarah Snook, Awards Circuit podcast, 12/8/21

On ‘Succession,’ Shiv Roy is still in the game 

Succession Season 3 did conclude with a major setback for Shiv, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). However, with Succession renewed for a fourth season, Snook is confident Shiv has more tricks up her sleeve.

“I think audiences’ appetite for the drama and the cunning and all these different sort of games they play within the family hasn’t waned yet,” Snook said. “It’s almost not about succession in the end. It’s about how a family tries to deal with each other and deal with their inability to be vulnerable with each other.”

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‘Succession’ Shiv Roy Actor Sarah Snook Had 1 Major Fear After Season 2
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