‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’: How Did Disney Handle the Jimmy Pesto Voice Actor Scandal?

The Bob’s Burgers Movie faced a celebrity scandal when one of the show’s stars — the voice of Jimmy Pesto — gained notoriety for the wrong reasons. After all, Bob’s Burgers is a popular animated series, now owned by Disney following its acquisition of Fox

With a high-profile film debuting in May 2022, fans new and old are excited to see even more of the Belcher family’s misadventures. However, the movie may not feature Jay Johnston, who previously voiced one recurring character. 

‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ may not feature Jimmy Pesto actor Jay Johnston

Bob's Burgers Movie Jimmy Pesto
Jay Johnston (in 2008) voiced Jimmy Pesto in ‘Bob’s Burgers.’ | Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Since the show’s inception, Jay Johnston voiced Bob Belcher’s long-time rival in the restaurant business. Naturally, given his importance, fans expect to see supporting character Jimmy Pesto up to his usual hijinks in The Bob’s Burgers Movie. However, Johnston’s association with the TV show changed in 2021.

According to the Daily Beast, Johnston was allegedly involved in the January 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building. Not only did one photo of the rioters feature a man reportedly identified as Johnston by several web sleuths, but several actors who previously worked with Johnston took to social media to confirm his identity. 

Further reports incriminating Johnston later surfaced. Though the story died down, a source told the publication the actor had been quietly let go. A Disney spokesperson did not comment when asked. 

Is Jay Johnston listed in the credits?

With Johnston no longer working on Bob’s Burgers, his participation in the film seems unlikely. Notably, his name is absent in the acting credits on the film’s IMDb page. So it’s safe to say assume even if Johnston did participate in the project, the studio swiftly cut him out.

However, Johnston didn’t entirely leave Hollywood. He shot the movie Wing Dad shortly before the insurrection. In fact, the film’s director, Lucas Astrom, told The Daily Beast the actor had spoken to him about his plan to attend the riot. 

The Disney-owned 20th Century Studios didn’t release The Bob’s Burgers Movie trailer until after the news broke about Johnston. So fans will never know whether the powers that be cut the character after the fact or he wasn’t ever part of it.

What we know about ‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’

Despite Johnston’s scandal, fans are excited about the long-awaited Bob’s Burgers movie. The official announcement for the film came in 2017, but animation takes years to come to fruition. Fans can expect to see the Belcher family up to their usual hijinks in the movie, with reported plotlines including the real story of how Louise got her ears, the early stages of the restaurant, and a bit more about the Belcher family’s home base.

Fans can watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie when it hits theaters on May 27, 2022. As for future viewing options, most Fox projects end up on Hulu. So those who aren’t planning to see it on the big screen will likely have the choice to watch it from their homes when it completes its theatrical run.

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‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’: How Did Disney Handle the Jimmy Pesto Voice Actor Scandal?
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