‘Business Proposal’: Meet the Cast and Their Best K-Drama Roles

Sometimes the best romances are the unintentional ones. Netflix’s Korean drama Business Proposal is sweeping fans off their feet with its storyline and main cast. Die-hard K-drama fans would easily recognize its leading actors, Kim Se-jeong and Ahn Hyo-seop. But for newcomers who have become obsessed with the actors, here is every K-drama they have made themselves known for.

'Business Proposal' main cast smiling wearing business attire.
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‘Business Proposal’ cast member Seol In-ah starred in a hit historical K-drama

In Business Proposal, Seol In-ah plays the leading role of Jin Young-seo, a chaebol heiress and Marketing Team Leader of Marine Beauty. She is the best friend of the main character Shin Ha-ri. K-drama fans have seen Seol in many other well-recognized dramas.

The actor played the role of Jo Hee-ji in the fan-favorite drama Strong Girl Bong-soon, staring Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young. The same year in 2017, she played Hong Nam-joo in School 2017.

It just so happens that Business Proposal cast member Kim starred as the lead. Seol then had roles in Sunny Again Tomorrow, Special Labor Inspector, and Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life. The actor’s most acclaimed role was in the 2020 gender-bending historical K-drama, Mr. Queen.

Seol played the role of Jo Hwa-jin, based on a real historical figure. The character is the male lead’s first love and concubine.

Kim Min-kyu previously starred in Disney+’s ‘Snowdrop’

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Actor Kim Min-kyu generated a buzz for himself, starring as a North Korean spy in Disney+’s controversial K-drama, Snowdrop. While the storyline angered some netizens, fans could not help but be impressed by Kim’s role as Joo Gyeok-chan.

Kim has starred in a handful of notable dramas fans have watched or heard highly of. He played Hwang Eui-kyung in Signal, Because This Is My First Life, Just Between Lovers, Queen: Love and War, and Backstreet Rookie.

Kim joined the cast of Business Proposal as Cha Sung-hoon. The character is Tae-mu’s secretary and chief of staff of GO Foods. He also grew up with Tae-mu. Fans have fallen in love with the handsome actor and his second-lead romance with Young-seo.

Ahn Hyo-seop leads the cast as Kang Tae-mu in ‘Business Proposal’

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Taking the role of the devilishly handsome and rich CEO of GO Foods is actor Ahn Hyo-seop. Ahn plays the role of Kang Tae-mu, a chaebol heir and Harvard graduate who unknowingly starts to fall for Ha-ri.

Before joining the cast of Business Proposal, Ahn gained some fame as Park Chul-soo in My Father is Stranger and Yoo Chan in Still 17. His claim to fame among fans is in the medical romance drama Dr. Romantic Season 2 as Seo Woo-jin and Abyss.

The actor’s most recent K-drama was the fantasy historical romance Lovers of the Red Sky. Ahn played the lead as Ha Ram, an astrologer who lost his sight during a demon sealing ritual as a child. He seeks revenge and falls in love with the female lead due to intertwined fate.

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Before becoming an actor, Kim Se-jeong was a member of the girl group I.O.I. Since the group’s disbandment, Kim has starred in dramas since 2016. Her first leading role was in School 2017 as Ra Eun-ho. Many K-drama fans hold the installment of the School series as a favorite.

In 2019, she starred in a lesser-known drama, I Wanna Hear Your Song. Kim skyrocketed to fame when she starred as Do Ha-na in Netflix’s The Uncanny Counter. In the K-drama, her character is part of a group given special abilities to track down rogue demons.

Accorsing to Soompi, the K-drama was approved to develop a second season. Fans have become enamored with Kim’s comical and kind portrayal of Ha-ri in Business Proposal. The character goes on a blind date to ward off her best friend’s suitor. She learns the blind date is with her boss, Tae-mu.

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‘Business Proposal’: Meet the Cast and Their Best K-Drama Roles
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