Kate Middleton’s Mother Is Reportedly a Regular Visitor at Kensington Palace

Before marrying Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton was a commoner. She grew up in a middle-class family in England and was unknown to most people until she began dating William in the 2000s.

Now that Kate is a duchess, she is still close to her family. In fact, her mother is reportedly a regular visitor at Kate’s royal home.

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Who are Kate Middleton’s immediate family members?

Kate was born to parents Michael and Carole Middleton. Michael was a flight dispatcher, while Carole was a flight attendant. However, when Kate was a kid, Michael and Carole started a party supply company called Party Pieces. It became hugely successful and allowed for Kate and her siblings to live comfortably.

Kate is the oldest child in her family. She has a younger sister named Pippa and a younger brother named James. Pippa is a socialite who is currently married to hedge fund manager and aristocrat James Matthews. Meanwhile, James is an entrepreneur who has started various businesses.

Kate is also an aunt to Pippa’s two children, Arthur and Grace.

Kate Middleton’s mother is reportedly a regular visitor at Kensington Palace

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Kate currently lives at Kensington Palace with her husband and three kids. A few other royals also live at the palace. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Kate’s mother, Carole, is a regular visitor as well.

“One of the things that allows William and Kate to be so ordinary is the presence of the Middletons in their lives,” Nicholl said (via Express). “Carole is a regular through those golden gates at Kensington Palace, she whizzes through in her Land Rover. There is no security because everybody knows her.”

Nicholl added, “She turns up to help with bedtime and bathtime. She is absolutely indispensable.”

Prince William was attracted to Kate Middleton’s close bond with her family

William’s childhood was a lot more unstable than Kate’s. His parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, divorced when William was a teenager. Not long after, his mother died. Additionally, William had to live in the public eye as his family dealt with these problems.

Royal author Andrew Morton revealed that Kate’s stable family was what initially drew William to her.

“For a kid from a broken home which is after all what William is, he has always yearned towards the stable and towards the steady,” Morton said in the documentary William and Kate: Into the Future. “It’s not just Kate he’s in love with – it’s the family.”

In fact, before their wedding, William promised Kate that she would not have to abandon her family in order to become a royal.

“Once you married into the royal family, you became a Windsor and that was that. Well, it was different when Kate and William got married,” Nicholl said in the documentary Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor. “When William asked Kate to marry him, he made it very clear that she wouldn’t have to leave her family behind her once she married into his family. He promised her that they’d always stay a part of the family.”

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Kate Middleton’s Mother Is Reportedly a Regular Visitor at Kensington Palace
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