‘Resident Alien’ Season 2: Human Harry Is a Bad Man and Here’s All the Evidence

The underlying story concerning the real human Harry is becoming clearer in Resident Alien Season 2. The Syfy TV show has an underlying mystery teased throughout both seasons. The show’s premise is an alien crashed on Earth and took over the identity of doctor Harry Vanderspeigle. A local town murder in Patience is revealed to be tied to the real Harry. In Resident Alien Season 2, fans learn how much of a bad man Harry was and what he was involved in.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Resident Alien.]

Harry Vanderspeigle from 'Resident Alien' and Season 2 in front of his cabin.
Harry Vanderspeigle from ‘Resident Alien’ | via Syfy

‘Resident Alien’ proves the murder of Sam Hodges was Harry’s doing

The story of alien Harry in Patience, Colorado, begins when Sheriff Mike and Deputy Liv ask him to examine a body. At first, Harry believes it was suicide based on the angle of the wound but later learns Sam Hodges was trying to perform a Tracheostomy. Harry thinks Sam was murdered. Through the investigation, they learn Sam was poisoned with Botulinum toxin administered through his insulin.

Sam’s wife is believed to have been the murderer and is arrested. But fans have already become aware that human Harry was the one who killed Sam. The reason is unknown. According to the storyline, human Harry has been in Patience for some time and escaped to his cabin from New York City. In Resident Alien Season 2, Sheriff Mike and Liv investigate Harry further for the body found in the lake.

In “The Wire,” Liv and Mike go to question him at the cabin and find a cooler hidden underneath the floorboard with the toxin. Mike and Liv have no idea alien Harry is not the culprit in Sam’s murder.

‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 reveals how Harry and Sam are connected

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In “An Alien in New York,” fans finally learn why Harry killed Sam. The assumption was Harry was in hiding from someone and needed to become the town doctor to assure himself in Patience. The theory was partially wrong. At the beginning of the episode, there is a flashback to six months ago. Sam bombards human Harry’s cabin in distress. He shows Harry surveillance photos taken of his wife and Asta as blackmail.

Harry assures him nothing is wrong because he received photos of his wife and daughter. The real clue is when Sam mentions a charity function in New York City. Someone told him and Harry that the donation would go to the new clinic. Sam wants to go to the authorities, but Harry says they will be arrested.

Harry mentions medical files as evidence. The people they are involved with are dangerous. He convinces Sam to give him time to come up with concrete evidence. When Sam leaves, Harry calls an unknown person to rat out Sam. The unknown person likely told Harry to get rid of Sam.

Were Harry and Sam part of cover-up and bribed?

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Fans learn more about Harry’s conniving ways in Resident Alien Season 2. While they learn why Harry killed Sam, they do not know who orchestrates everything. In episode 6, Asta tells alien Harry they have no money when they go to New York. Harry says it is not a problem and brings a bag full of cash.

The bag seems peculiar to Asta, who then finds a file with photos of Sam and the human Harry. A note attached to Sam’s medical records mentions proof against Galvan/Powell Group. In New York, an unknown man approaches alien Harry in a pie shop, asking why he is in New York and if he destroyed the medical records.

Could it be that Harry and Sam were part of a conspiracy or doctoring medical records for a company? The bag of the money in Harry’s cabin could have been a payout or bribe. Human Harry once ran a pathology lab at Rutgers, a psychologist, and doctor.

One fan on Reddit also mentions Harry and Sam might have known each other for some time. In a flashback of human Harry, he is in New York at an art gallery. He loves a painting by Isabelle and casually bids 10K to own it. “We now know Dr. Sam Hodges was at the art gallery opening and bid on Isabelle’s right side up painting,” said the fan. It is right to assume human Harry met Sam in New York.

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‘Resident Alien’ Season 2: Human Harry Is a Bad Man and Here’s All the Evidence
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