Fans Think Sheila Might Flee to Genoa City and Join ‘The Young and the Restless’

The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless are sister shows on CBS. They have plenty of similarities, and their likeness makes crossovers easy. One character who has appeared in both series is Sheila. 

Sheila currently resides in Los Angeles and has created trouble for other protagonists. After recent developments, Sheila might need to leave town for a bit. Fans wonder if she will flee to Genoa City. 

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Sheila made her debut in ‘The Young and the Restless’

Sheila is a popular villain in The Bold and the Beautiful, and she tends to manipulate other characters. She has a long-time feud with Lauren Baldwin and has tried to kill her rival. Fans know Sheila for the destruction she has caused in Genoa City and Los Angeles. 

According to CBS, Sheila first appeared on The Young and the Restless in 1990. She begins working at Genoa City Memorial Hospital and develops an obsession with Scott Grainger. Later, she and Lauren become trapped in a farmhouse fire. 

Others believed Sheila died in the fire, but the show reveals that she escaped. She travels to Los Angeles for a job opportunity and ends up in the series The Bold and the Beautiful. Her debut in the soap was in 1992, but she returned to Genoa City in 2005 to terrorize Lauren. 

Sheila eventually flies back to Los Angeles and approaches Steffy and Finn after their wedding. She claims that she is Finn’s birth mother, but others think she is lying. Sheila later attempts to kill them, and it results in Finn’s death and Steffy’s hospitalization. 

Fans wonder about the possibility of Sheila going to Genoa City

Fans are curious if Sheila will flee to Genoa City again after killing Finn and gravely injuring Steffy. On Twitter, people responded to the official Bold and the Beautiful account. Someone asked if the showrunners were going to do another crossover with Sheila. Some fans think that, if outed as the killer, Sheila will flee to torment Lauren and Phyllis again.

A fan asked Sheila’s actor, Kimberlin Brown, about the chances of a crossover during an interview. According to Soaps, Brown responded that she didn’t know what the creators had planned. The star would not mind going back to The Young and the Restless

Sheila was originally supposed to stick around for a few months. The soap opera’s creator decided to send the character to the sister show. The successful crossover boosted ratings, so her going back to Genoa City would likely please fans again.

Other crossovers between the two soap operas

If Sheila rejoins The Young and the Restless, she could be there as a temporary cast member. However, the showrunners might only do a single episode event. The two soap operas have done crossover episodes in the past. 

Sheila also wouldn’t be the only person to flee to Genoa City from The Bold and the Beautiful, as Sally Spectra joined The Young and the Restless after leaving a wake of destruction behind her.

One time, Lauren bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles to confront Sheila once again. Meanwhile, she formed a short romance with Eric Forrester. She and he almost froze to death before a stranger saved them. 

Eric Braeden plays Victor Newman, and he was a guest in The Bold and the Beautiful. The brief crossover occurred in 1999, and his storyline involved Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor. Fans also saw Ashley Abbott in both soap operas. 

Ashley moved to Los Angeles for a year before returning to Genoa City. Brooke Logan would have plotlines that involved The Young and the Restless characters. Brooke had two crossover episodes in 1999 and 2007.

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Fans Think Sheila Might Flee to Genoa City and Join ‘The Young and the Restless’
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