‘King the Land’: Lee Junho to Star Alongside YoonA in Rom-Com K-Drama

Idol-turned-actor Lee Junho will return in a new K-drama. The actor was the talk of the town, starring as a future king in The Red Sleeve. Fans have been eager to see what new project he will embark on, and fans finally have an answer. Lee Junho will star in a fun, romantic K-drama titled King the Land alongside Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.

YoonA and Lee Junho for 'King the Land' at MBC Music Festival.
YoonA and Lee Junho for ‘King the Land’ | via MBC

Lee Junho will play the role of a chaebol heir in ‘King the Land’

Multiple sources have confirmed Lee will take on the leading male role in the romantic comedy K-drama King the Land. But the real surprise came when his leading female co-star was revealed to be none other than YoonA from Girls’ Generation. It seems that King the Lander will have two idol-turned-actor stars.

According to Soompi, Lee will play the role of chaebol heir Goo Won. The character is in a merciless battle for the inheritance of the King Group. His family owns hotels, airlines, and distribution companies. Goo Won seems to have it all, like charming good looks, intelligence, and grace. There is one small flaw. He is hopeless at dating.

He also despises people who put on a fake smile until he meets Cheon Sa-rang. YoonA will play the role of Sa-rang, who lands a job at the King Hotel. She has fond memories from childhood at the hotel. The nature of her work forces her to put on a smile but maintains her uplifting demeanor. Sa-ran and Goo Won set out to find happiness together.

Lee and YoonA’s King the Land is created by All of Us Are Dead writer Cheon Sung-il. It is scheduled to start filming in the fall.

Lee Junho and YoonA teased fans with their chemistry at the MBC Music Festival

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One of the reasons fans are excited to see Lee and YoonA opposite each other in King the Land is their chemistry. The idols-turned-actors had a special performance at the MBC Music Festival back in January. They choreographed and danced to Camilla Cabello’s “Señorita.”

Fans had to fan themselves due to the immense chemistry, and heat YoonA and Lee were able to display on stage. On the official Youtube video, a fan commented, “Don’t wanna ship, but the chemistry is just shippable.”

Another fan even commented, “I BADLY WANT TO SEE THEM TOGETHER IN A DRAMA!!!” The manifestation came true, and their on-stage performance was only a teaser of what was to come in King the Land. Ever since the news of Lee and YoonA starring in the K-drama together, the video has skyrocketed in views.

YoonA has a longer career than her co-star Lee Junho

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While Lee may be in the spotlight in the K-drama world, YoonA has been an actor since 2007. One of her more prominent small-screen roles as Kim Yoon-hee / Jung Ha-na in Love Rain in 2012. She later starred in Prime Minister & I, The K2, The King in Love, Hush, and Big Mouse.

YoonA starred in the movies Confidential Assignment, Exit, and Miracle: Letters to the President. Her co-star Lee made himself known as an actor in Good Manager and the romance K-drama Just Between Lovers. The idol and actor then showed off his romantic charm in Wok of Love.

His biggest claim to fame is the historical K-drama The Red Sleeve as Yi San. Lee’s character is the future king in the Joseon era who developed a cold heart due to his grandfather’s teachings. He finds himself falling in love with a court lady. Lee’s outstanding role has won him multiple awards.

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‘King the Land’: Lee Junho to Star Alongside YoonA in Rom-Com K-Drama
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