Peacock Shares ‘The Office’ Deleted Scene for Pretzel Day 2022


  • Peacock tweeted a deleted scene from ‘The Office’ on Pretzel Day 2022
  • The clip featured Michael (Steve Carell) and Stanley (Leslie David Baker) eating pretzels
  • National Pretzel Day falls on April 26 every year
Michael Scott and Stanley Hudson wait in line for pretzels on Pretzel Day in "Initiation" (The Office Season 3, Episode 5).
‘The Office’: Steve Carell and Leslie David Baker in “Initiation” | Photo by Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Happy Pretzel Day! Peacock celebrated the holiday by sharing a deleted scene from the “Initiation” episode of The Office. In the episode, a pretzel stand is set up at the business park where Dunder Mifflin is located. Michael and Stanely are forced to stand in line all day waiting for their pretzels.

Pretzel Day deleted scene from ‘The Office’

“Initiation,” the fifth episode of The Office Season 3, aired on Oct. 19, 2006. The episode primarily focuses on Dwight initiating Ryan into the sales team by making him do challenges at Dwight’s farm. Other storylines revolve around Michael and Stanley connecting over their shared love of Pretzel Day and Pam re-connecting with Jim, who moved to Stamford, Connecticut, following the events of the second season’s finale.

At Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Michael’s productivity suffers. Jan asks Pam to keep a list of all the things Michael does in one day. Unfortunately, the day in question happens to fall on National Pretzel Day. Free pretzels are given out to all the workers at the office, but the line is long. Michael and Stanley wait in line until they can get their free pretzels. The pair, who are usually at odds with each other, bond over their shared love of pretzels, Pretzel Day, and stopping others from cutting the line.

In the deleted clip, Michael and Stanley eat their pretzels together outside the office. Stanley even makes a “That’s what she said” joke. How did this clip not make it into the episode? When each episode has to be cut down to 22 minutes, the editors leave out good scenes.

The clip ends with Stanley saying, “364 days, ’til the next Pretzel Day.”

Watch the deleted scene from Twitter below.

Pretzel Day is a real holiday in the United States

If you’re wondering if Pretzel Day is a real holiday, you came to the right place! Yes, National Pretzel Day is a real holiday in the United States.

National Pretzel Day happens every year on April 26. In fact, you can even get free pretzels like Michael and Stanley. According to CNET, free pretzels are available at a variety of pretzels shops, including Auntie Anne’s, Wetzel’s Pretzels, Philly Pretzel Factory, and Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

The Pretzel Day storyline in ‘The Office’ was inspired by a real event

Like so many of the storylines on The Office, the Pretzel Day storyline was also inspired by a real event.

BJ Novak revealed on the Office Ladies Podcast in 2020 that the writers toured office parks and witnessed a variation of Pretzel Day. Novak didn’t reveal exactly when and where it happened, but it gave the writers an idea that later became the storyline in “Initiation.”

You can watch “Initiation” and all other episodes of The Office on Peacock right now.

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Peacock Shares ‘The Office’ Deleted Scene for Pretzel Day 2022
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