‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8: Fans Theorize Jun-woong May Be The Son of Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon

Netflix’s April K-drama, Tomorrow fuels the tension between grim reapers Jun-woong and Goo Ryeon. Fans saw the innate dislike Jun-woong had for Goo Ryeon and her team but were uncertain why. In the K-drama, Goo Ryeon’s flashbacks of her past reveal she was once married and likely to Joong-gil. After Tomorrow Episode 8, fans are convinced Jun-woong has a deeper connection to Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon than they realized.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Tomorrow.]

Jun-woong in 'Tomorrow' Episode 8 with bloody face.
Jun-woong in ‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8 | via MBC

‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8 reveals Joong-gil knew Goo Ryeon in the past

Fans finally got a bit more details bout Joong-gil. In the episode, Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon are in a flashback, easily separated by her long black hair. Unlike present-day, they seem cordial to each other and friendly. Goo Ryeon asks him why he never sleeps. Joong-gil admits he is afraid of his nightmares.

Midway through the episode, Joong-gil is in his office and starts to experience a nightmare from his past. Dressed in attire likely from the Joseon era, he walks around town at night and hears two men utter a comment. Angered by their words, Joong-gil uses his sword to murder both of them.

Joong-gil says, “I’ll take down anyone who dares to utter such insults, no matter how many b*stards there are.” With a blood-splattered face, Joong-gil runs into someone before the nightmare ends. During the finale scene of Tomorrow Episode 8, Joong-gil confronts Goo Ryeon. Fans learn the person he ran into in his nightmare was Goo Ryeon.

Fans theorize Jun-woong is their reincarnated son from the past in ‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8

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After the events of Tomorrow Episode 8, fans are convinced Jun-woong has a deeper connection to Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon that is more than just coincidence. Due to Goo Ryeon’s flashbacks, fans know she was once married, and something occurred that drove her to suicide. After learning Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil knew each other in the past, fans believe the theory of them being married is true.

Goo Ryeon even wears the traditional hair jewelry worn by married women. A fan on Twitter comments, “Ryeon and Joong Gil were past lovers, and Joon Woong was there reincarnated son. That’s why they were all connected with each other. I can strongly feel the family connections they are all have.”

The fan theory is highly plausible, and it could not be a coincidence in Tomorrow Episode 8 that Jun-woong was eavesdropping when Joong-gil confronted Goo Ryeon. Another fan on Twitter remembers when Jun-woong fell into the river before his coma and utters the words “Mom” as Goo Ryeon saves him. Joong-gil also saved him in the hospital when Jun-woong got too close to his body.

Fans believe Joong-gil killed those men to protect his wife or lover Goo Ryeon in the past. It also explains why the Jade Emperor was keen on helping Jun-woong and was open to helping Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil. She is aware of their past and helps guide them to the truth.

Was Goo Ryeon pregnant with Jun-woong in the past?

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Looking deeper into Joong-gil’s flashback of his past in Tomorrow Episode 8, a fan on Reddit theorized two possible scenarios as to why Goo Ryeon died and how Jun-woong is their reincarnated son.

“Theory #1: JG and GR were lovers/married in their past lives. JG went to war and became a traitor to the King at the time. GR may be pregnant when JG left for war. When GR found JG with his face bloodied, she became so ashamed of JG that she committed suicide (while pregnant) and cut off her red string with JG. Hence why GR does not remember JG. GR’s baby died with GR, and the baby reincarnated as JW. JW is down on his luck because he was a product of someone who committed suicide. The Jade Emperor is now trying to bring this family together after JG and GR have paid their dues as Jumadeung workers,” explained the fan.

The second theory follows a similar idea. Instead, rumors spread in the town that Goo Ryeon is pregnant with someone else’s child. Joong-gil is enraged and kills anyone who spreads false rumors. Goo Ryeon becomes upset at the monster he has become and dies while pregnant. The theory suggests she is looking for her son in the afterlife.

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‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8: Fans Theorize Jun-woong May Be The Son of Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon
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