Anna Kendrick Was ‘Inconsolable’ After She Finished ‘Camp’: ‘It Was Like a Break-Up’

Not every role is a great experience for actors, and some have told tales of horror stories from the set. But Anna Kendrick was so moved by her experience filming the movie Camp that leaving felt like a break-up. What was it about the set that brought the star so close to her castmates

Anna Kendrick moved from the stage to the big screen

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According to IMDb, Anna Kendrick was born in 1985. She was still a child when she took the stage for the Broadway performance of High Society in 1998. The actor delivered such an impressive performance as Dinah that she earned a Tony Award nomination and Drama League and Theatre World Awards. 

The talented Kendrick soon made the leap to the big screen while she was just a teenager. Her first movie role was 2003’s Camp, and she followed it up with a TV movie appearance the same year.

A few years later, she landed the role of Jessica Stanley in Twilight, a part she reprised throughout the immensely popular film franchise. 

Notable roles that have helped Kendrick establish herself in Hollywood include Pitch Perfect (and its sequels), Trolls (where she voiced Poppy), and Into the Woods (where she was cast as Cinderella).

Many of Kendrick’s most impressive roles have combined her acting skills with her talented singing abilities. 

‘Camp’ was a moving experience for Anna Kendrick that felt like a break-up when it ended

Reflecting on her career, Kendrick spoke in a video interview for Vanity Fair. She started out discussing Camp, a movie set in a musical camp for young performers that centers on a failed Broadway-hopeful songwriter who gets inspired by the kids he meets there. Billed as a “comedy about drama,” the film provided the castmates the opportunity to get incredibly close. 

Kendrick explained that part of that had to do with the labor contracts used to produce the movie.

“Because it was non-union,” she said, “it was everybody’s first film.”

That momentous experience helped the actors bond.

“At the time, I mean, you couldn’t tell me that these people were not my family and that we were not bonded for life. Like, this was the most significant experience I had ever had” she added.

All those feelings made it challenging to leave when filming wrapped.

“When I left, I was sobbing,” Kendrick recalled. “It was like a break-up. I cut my hair. I did all the break-up stuff. I was inconsolable.” 

Now that she’s had more experience in the industry, she said she’s “used to it now,” but that first experience made her “go slightly crazy.” 

Upcoming projects suggest she’s exploring darker roles

Because so many of her high-profile projects abound with pop songs, bright colors, and comedy, it might be something of a shock to see Anna Kendrick’s upcoming plans.

She’ll soon appear in Alice, Darling, currently in post-production. The thriller is about an abusive relationship, and Kendrick takes on the starring role. 

That darker exploration seems like a theme, as Kendrick has been announced as the star of The Dating Game, a film about a serial killer.

Even further out, Kendrick is expected to star in Unsound, a movie following a police officer trying to hide her worsening hearing loss as she untangles a conspiracy theory that could get her killed. 

Clearly, Kendrick is at the point in her career where she wants to stretch her wings and see how she can adapt to different roles. 

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Anna Kendrick Was ‘Inconsolable’ After She Finished ‘Camp’: ‘It Was Like a Break-Up’
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