‘Black Ink Crew’: Where Are All the Former Employees Now?

VH1 reality series Black Ink Crew first premiered in 2013 and has introduced viewers to various tattoo artists, managers, and receptionists. Where are all the former Black Ink Crew employees now?

Black Ink tattoo studio, home of VH1's television show 'Black Ink Crew' in Harlem, New York
Black Ink Crew tattoo shop | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Alex Estevez (seasons 1-2)

When viewers were first introduced to Ceaser Emanuel’s Harlem-based Black Ink tattoo shop in 2013, Alexandra Estevez served as the receptionist. However, she was eventually fired after drunkenly approaching the owner.

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During her time on the show, Alex accused someone of drugging her drink and later sued the producers for $1 million. Her case was dismissed. According to her Twitter account, the former Black Ink receptionist is currently a DJ.

Dutchess Lattimore (seasons 1-5)

North Carolina-based tattoo artist Dutchess Lattimore also starred in the show when it first premiered. She dated Ceaser throughout most of her time on the reality series until their messy breakup. Dutchess last appeared in season 5 (2017), which depicted her journey to opening her own shop, Pretty-N-Ink. The tattoo artist still runs her business and has also begun acting.

Kathie Arseno (seasons 1-6)

Marketed as Richard “O’S–t” Duncan’s “crazy baby mama,” Kathie Arseno appeared in the first six seasons of Black Ink Crew. The cameras documented her up-and-down relationship with the New York-based tattoo artist as they co-parented their son. Toward the end of her time on the series, Kathie found meditation helpful and has since gotten more profound into the practice. According to her website, she’s currently a trainer, school yoga project teacher, and wellness facilitator. Kathie has opened her own yoga studio, where she leads workshops and plans to pursue her master’s in Psychology and Education. 

Melody Mitchell (seasons 4-7)

In 2016, Melody Mitchell joined Black Ink Crew as the newest artist and eventually became a manager. Viewers were also introduced to her partner Lalo Yunda and their son. It’s unclear if the couple is still together, but they are both currently working as independent tattoo artists.

Young Phoenix (Season 4, Season 7)

New York-based tattooist Young Phoenix first appeared on Black Ink Crew in 2016 as an artist in Puma Robinson’s new shop Art-2-Ink. He has since opened his own place in Brooklyn, Blue Phoenix.

Kevin Laroy (seasons 5-7)

Black Ink Crew Season 5 introduced viewers to new artists, including Kevin Laroy. After last appearing in season 7, he has remained in California, where he continues to work as a tattoo artist. Kevin has also tested other ventures, including fashion, as he’s released a collection August Eighth and music, as he’s founded the record label Vintage 88.

Miss Kitty Sovain (seasons 5-8)

Hired as the Black Ink Crew ambassador, Miss Kitty Sovain got into a relationship with Ceaser. However, she was fired after he accused her of hooking up with 9Mag owner Ryan Henry. Miss Kitty is currently a cast member on Black Ink Crew: Chicago and is a makeup artist.

Naeem Sharif (season 4, seasons 7-8)

When Puma opened his own tattoo shop, Art-2-Ink, viewers were introduced to Naeem Sharif as one of his artists. His personal life and relationship with a girlfriend who is deaf were featured in the reality series. Naeem is still tattooing at Art-2-Ink.

Richard “O’S–t” Duncan (seasons 1-8)

Referred to as “O-S–t,” the tattoo artist starred in the first five seasons before returning in a guest capacity until season 8. He stayed in the middle of drama due to his many relationships but eventually found love with Nikki. The two are still married and living in Georgia, where he runs his shop, Drip Tattoo Collective.

Sky Days (seasons 1-8)

Initially, JaKeita, also known as Sky, appeared on the show as a “queen of the mixxies” before getting a spot on the series as a receptionist. She became one of the faces of the show until her exit in season 8 following an altercation with one of her sons. Sky is currently living in Los Angeles and posts exclusive content to OnlyFans. She also hosts club events.

Walt Miller (seasons 1-9)

Other than boss Ceaser and his cousin Teddy Ruks, assistant manager Walt Miller is the only cast member who has appeared in all nine seasons. However, Ceaser officially parted ways with him after believing he had something to do with a store robbery. The former manager is still pursuing his comedian and photography dreams. It’s unclear if he and his wife Jessica are still married as they’ve deleted pictures with each other from their Instagram accounts.

Donna Marie Lombardi (seasons 3-9)

Originally from Ohio, Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney began at Black Ink as an apprentice. She eventually began tattooing and got engaged to tattoo artist Alex Robinson.

After taking a break from tattooing and multiple blow-ups with Ceaser, she exited the reality series in the middle of season 9. Donna currently owns The MuvaUnii hair collection and health and beauty shop Super CBDs.

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‘Black Ink Crew’: Where Are All the Former Employees Now?
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