How Many Times Has Alton Brown Been Married and Does He Have Kids?

You know him as a Food Network celebrity chef and all-around food scientist. Alton Brown’s fun and witty style of cooking won fans over with Good Eats. He’s self-described his style of on-screen cuisine as a mashup between Monty Python and Julia Child. And Brown has cultivated a mass following of fans who literally eat it up.

Good Eats came to an end back in 2011, but Brown since made a monstrous comeback with Good Eats: Reloaded in 2019. He’s been back in the headlines, too, talking about his lovely wife Elizabeth Ingram. Fans are happy for him, of course. But you may wonder how many times Brown has been down the aisle and if he has any kids.

How many times has Alton Brown been married?

Alton Brown signs cookbooks at the 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Celebrity chef Alton Brown signs cookbooks | David Livingston/Getty Images

Alton Brown has officially been married twice. His first wife, Deanna Brown, was his partner in life from 1994 through 2015. That’s more than two decades of devotion, which can be rare in show business. But as Brown has shared in previous interviews, including one for People back in 2019, the couple just “went separate ways.”

The pair were together during Brown’s rise to fame and popularity. But ultimately, he said, “The world changed” and went on to say, “We changed,” leading to the split. Brown has since found love again with Ingram, whom he married in 2018.

They first met at a book signing. Brown subsequently hired Ingram for interior design work, as she was well-known for her designs across Atlanta’s hottest restaurants, as Wide Open Eats shared. One year later, they were engaged. The two wed on a boat in Charleston, South Carolina, and continue living their best lives with their two dogs.

Does Alton Brown have kids?

Alton Brown has one daughter, Zoey Brown, with his first wife, Deanna. Zoey was born in 1999, so she’s grown up with a celebrity father. As Amo Mamma points out, Alton and Deanna remained amicable upon their split in co-parenting Zoey. Brown has previously shared how often he and his ex-wife connect to talk about Zoey, saying, “We have a great kid in common.”

Zoey has not shared the TV spotlight too much with her Food Network titan father during her upbringing, although she has appeared on his show a few times. From what we can tell, Zoey isn’t planning on following in her dad’s culinary footsteps as an adult.

But the two are close, often sharing comments and love on social media over the years. For instance, back in 2019, Zoey posted an adorable tribute to her father, describing him as “one of my favorite people.” She also went on to admit that “being your daughter is a joy and privilege.”

What his daughter’s doing now

Brown is known to have attended the University of Georgia and then the New England Culinary Institute, where he graduated in 1997. Daughter Zoey, however, seems to be taking a different path. She attended Georgetown University a few years ago. According to her Instagram, she’s now enrolled in UCLA as a law student, slated for graduation in 2025.

Brown is a lot of things, including one of the country’s most influential TV chefs. He’s solidified his place among the cuisine elite with Food Network shows like Iron Chef AmericaFeasting on Asphalt, and Good Eats. Brown is also a musician and prolific writer, too, with several cookbooks to his credit.

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How Many Times Has Alton Brown Been Married and Does He Have Kids?
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