‘Woori the Virgin’: How Female Lead Accidentally Gets Pregnant Parallels the American Series

Jane the Virgin was one of the most talked-about series in 2014 that ran for four seasons. The series was based on a popular telenovela and told the story of a woman who vowed to keep her chastity until marriage. But a twist of bizarre events leads her to become pregnant by insemination. The K-drama Woori the Virgin follows the same story even in how the female lead gets pregnant.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Woori the Virgin.]

Woo-ri from 'Woori the Virgin' K-drama wearing blue sweater after leaning she is pregnant.
Woo-ri from ‘Woori the Virgin’ K-drama | via SBS

‘Woori the Virgin’ has a TV writer caught up in her own soap opera story

Based on the American series, Woori the Virgin is self-explanatory. Oh Woo-ri (Lim Soo-hyang) has grown up with a single mother and a religious grandmother. She took a vow to keep her chastity until marriage at a young age. In her 30s, Woo-ri has kept her promise while her friends are still befuddled by her ability to do so.

Things are going well for Woo-ri being the writer fro a soap opera and has been in a two-year relationship with Lee Gang-jae (Shin Dong-wook), a homicide detective. But they have never kissed or been to each other’s homes, and they rarely hold hands. Woo-ri starts to wonder if they should give in to temptation.

Her ordinarily ordinary life gets the shock of a lifetime. A virgin somehow becomes pregnant with the child of a cosmetic company’s CEO. Woori the Virgin has Woo-ri fall pregnant almost exactly how Jane did in the American series.

A doctor’s mistake causes Woo-ri to get pregnant in ‘Woori the Virgin’

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In Jane the Virgin, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is also a virgin who inspires to become a writer. She is also in a longtime relationship with her detective boyfriend. It is that time of year when Jane has to get a checkup at her OB-GYN. At the same time, Raphael (Justin Baldoni) wants to divorce his wife but changes his mind when she reveals he used his last frozen sample to get pregnant.

In a coincidence, Jane and Petra (Yael Grobglas) arrive at the OB-GYN on the same day at the same time. According to UInterview, the doctor is dealing with her own personal problems and accidentally inseminated Jane with Raphael’s sample.

The May K-drama Woori the Virgin follows an almost exact version of the story of how Woo-ri gets pregnant. Raphael (Sung Hoon) is a rich CEO who wants true love and decides to divorce his wife, who he does not love, after learning he is cancer-free. His wife plans to use his only frozen sample to get pregnant to keep her riches.

But things go terribly wrong when the doctor mistakes Woo-ri for Raphael’s wife and does not confirm her identification. The doctor artificially inseminates Woo-ri leading to her pregnancy. The same scene occurs where Woo-ri faints and learns she is pregnant at the hospital but finds it impossible as she is a virgin, just like Jane.

The K-drama has a similar backstory between Raphael and Woo-ri

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How Jane and Woo-ri get pregnant is not the only similarity between Jane the Virgin and Woori the Virgin. In the K-drama, fans learn Woo-ri had her first kiss years ago while on a summer trip. They talked, connected on a deeper level, and kissed by the beach. The person just so happens to be Raphael before becoming the hotshot CEO.

In Jane the Virgin, a similar story happens. Jane and Raphael met in the summer of 2009 when she made him a grilled cheese and discussed life. They also kissed. But Woori the Virgin does tweak a few storyline details. Woori is already a TV writer, and Raphael hates his wife and likes to party.

Raphael had no intentions of staying with his wife after she betrayed him by using his last frozen sample. There is more animosity between the K-drama characters than in the American series. Jane the Virgin has many twists and turns. The K-drama does also with a crime mystery. Woo-ri’s boyfriend investigates the murder of his former partner connected to Raphael’s father’s company.

Woori the Virgin is available to stream on Viki.

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‘Woori the Virgin’: How Female Lead Accidentally Gets Pregnant Parallels the American Series
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