‘Heartland’ Season 16 Cast: Is Kevin McGarry Returning as Mitch Cutty?

CBC’s Heartland Season 16 has officially been announced, and fans can rejoice, as they’ll see all of their favorite characters return to the small screen for a new season of the hit TV series. The cast started posting behind-the-scenes photos on social media to promote the new season. But some fans want to know if Kevin McGarry is returning as Mitch Cutty. Here’s what we know about the Heartland Season 16 cast.

The ‘Heartland’ Season 16 cast posed together on social media to promote the new season

Jack, Tim, Jade, and Quinn from the 'Heartland' Season 16 cast on horses
Jack, Tim, Jade, and Quinn from ‘Heartland’ | CBC

Heartland 16 is officially a go. The Canadian series will continue to follow Amy Fleming, as well as her family and friends, on the Heartland Ranch as they navigate their relationships and life struggles. According to the CBC’s press release for the new season, season 16 will focus on Amy moving forward and possibly opening herself up to new romantic opportunities. Lou and Peter also became a couple at the end of season 15, so fans will see more of their budding recommitment. The season also features more of Lyndy, Jack and Lisa, Katie, and Tim and Jessica.

The Heartland Season 16 cast posed together in a behind-the-scenes photo for the new season posted to Instagram. The photo featured notable cast members like Amber Marshall (Amy), Michelle Morgan (Samantha), Baye McPherson (Katie), Shaun Johnston (Jack), Chris Potter (Tim), and others.

Did Kevin McGarry leave ‘Heartland’? What to know about Mitch Cutty

Kevin McGarry is absent from the photo showing the Heartland Season 16 cast. McGarry joined the cast back in 2015. He became Lou’s love interest when she and Peter were initially getting divorced, but Lou and Peter getting back together would undoubtedly complicate his role on the show.

So, did McGarry leave Heartland? According to IMDb, the actor was in episodes from season 9 to season 14, but he was absent from season 15. This likely means fans won’t see him again in season 16. IMDb credits his last episode with the show as season 10 episode 14, “Staying the Course.”

McGarry also hasn’t mentioned much about Heartland on his Instagram. Instead, his Instagram posts focus mostly on his role in Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart. McGarry plays Nathan Grant in the series and filmed with the show through the latest season in 2022.

Kevin McGarry will likely continue acting on Hallmark’s ‘When Calls the Heart’

It seems unlikely Kevin McGarry will join the Heartland Season 16 cast, though fans can remain hopeful he may appear for a cameo or two. With that said, McGarry fans will certainly catch the actor on potential future seasons of When Calls the Heart. Season 9 recently concluded, and the show has yet to get renewed for the next season. But fans can likely look forward to When Calls the Heart Season 10.

“I really don’t believe we’ve even peaked yet in this show with season 9,” When Calls the Heart producer Brian Bird told Movieguide. We will be around for a long time, I believe. We have no intention of riding off into the sunset ourselves with this show. We will never end the show unless we decided to end the show.” 

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‘Heartland’ Season 16 Cast: Is Kevin McGarry Returning as Mitch Cutty?
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