‘Lightyear’ Isn’t the First Time Tim Allen Didn’t Voice Buzz Lightyear

Longtime Disney/Pixar fans initially had a kneejerk reaction to Tim Allen not returning for Lightyear. However, the studio had a perfectly good reason to explain why he wouldn’t return for the solo adventure. Nevertheless, other Disney properties didn’t feature Allen as Buzz Lightyear, which didn’t draw nearly as much attention.

Chris Evans takes over real-life Buzz Lightyear from Tim Allen in ‘Lightyear’

'Lightyear' Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear, whose toy version is voiced by Tim Allen. Buzz is looking at a glowing crystal inside of a tube wearing his space ranger uniform.
Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) | Disney/Pixar
Chris Evans voices Buzz in Pixar’s Lightyear, which seeks to expand the Toy Story universe. It’s supposed to be Andy’s favorite movie, which inspired his love for the character. As a result, he purchased the Buzz toy that fans know and love from the Toy Story franchise. Audiences will recognize many iconic moments and phrases from earlier movies, but this iteration of Buzz is quite different from the toy that Allen voices.

Evans isn’t a replacement for Allen in Lightyear. Rather, the Captain America actor voices the “real-life” iteration of the character. Meanwhile, Allen will continue to voice the toy version that fans know and love. There are two Buzz characters that separate actors will continue to represent in the future of the franchise.

Video games and animated television shows feature different Buzz Lightyear voices

Allen didn’t always voice Buzz in every piece of Toy Story media before Lightyear. However, the large theatrical release certainly created the misconception that Evans replaced him. For example, Pat Fraley voiced the character in Toy Story Treats, video games, and attractions. He also voiced other Toy Story characters, such as Mr. Potato Head in ABC commercials.

The Buzz Lightyear of Star Command animated television show also didn’t feature Allen’s iconic voice. Patrick Warburton took over as Buzz for this television show. Audiences may also recognize him from Sky High, The Emperor’s New Groove, Planes: Fire & Rescue, and Chicken Little.

Avid video game players might also notice that Allen didn’t voice Buzz in those either. Mike MacRae took the role for the majority of games, including Kingdom Hearts III, Disney Infinity, and Toy Story 3: The Video Game.

‘Disney on Ice’ and ‘Toy Story 3’ also didn’t feature Tim Allen

Allen also didn’t voice Buzz in another motion picture before Lightyear, which includes the toy’s hilarious Spanish mode in Toy Story 3. Javier Fernandez-Peña takes the role of the toy, making it clear that the toy manufacturer went with another voice to speak Spanish in the movie.

Corey Burton voices Buzz in Disney on Ice. He’s a legendary voice for Disney, having voiced the Magic Mirror, Grumpy, Dale, Chernabog, the Mad Hatter, Zeus, among many other parts.

It’s clear that Disney/Pixar has a very high standard when it comes to voice acting. Allen might not voice Buzz in Lightyear, but his legacy isn’t replaced. Rather, it’s simply expanding the Toy Story universe to new heights never seen before. If the studio decides to make another Toy Story installment, it’s rather likely that the world will see Allen return.

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‘Lightyear’ Isn’t the First Time Tim Allen Didn’t Voice Buzz Lightyear
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