‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe This 1 Wife ‘Sees Through Sobbin’ Robyn’ Brown

Viewers of TLC’s Sister Wives have stuck by the Brown clan through 16 seasons and many changes that have upended the large polygamist family. Through two moves, marriage discord, babies, a pandemic, and separation, Sister Wives fans believe they understand the family dynamic. Therefore some believe they know which of Kody Brown‘s wives is quick enough to “see through Sobbin’ Robyn” Brown. Do you know which Brown wife that is?

Robyn Brown cries during the second installment of the Sister Wives Tell-All.
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Some ‘Sister Wives’ fans believe Robyn Brown is the least likable of Kody Brown’s wives

Polygamist Kody Brown took four wives over 25 years.

He legally married his first wife, Meri, in 1990. A spiritual union with Janelle followed in 1993.

Kody wed his third wife, Christine Brown, in March 1994. In December 2014, Kody married his fourth and final wife, Robyn Brown.

Robyn’s considered the least favorite of the clan due to how she’s portrayed on Sister Wives.

Kody’s fourth wife entered the polygamous clan 16 years after marrying his third wife, Christine.

The clan appeared to struggle with Robyn’s entrance into the family when it seemed they settled into a routine that worked for their large family.

Kody’s apparent favoritism toward Robyn over his other wives has caused discord in his other marriages.

At this point, Kody and Robyn are the only Brown couple with a fully functioning marriage.

Christine Brown left the family in 2021 after realizing Kody no longer wanted an intimate relationship.

Meri and Kody’s union is a friendship, and Janelle has settled into a union with her spiritual husband she said was “fine” during the 2022 tell-all episode.

This Is the 1 Wife Who ‘Sees Through Sobbin’ Robyn’

Janelle and Kody Brown’s relationship hit a wall during the coronavirus pandemic. She’s the wife fans believe through Robyn Brown,

In a Reddit post titled “Robyn and her crying,” Sister Wives fans debated who was the one sister wife who “sees through Sobbin’ Robyn.”

“Robyn does her fake cry when she’s guilty, trying to deflect blame and for emotional manipulation. She also has a nervous giggle when she’s lying. I’ve noticed when she fake cries, Kody comes to her defense and gets mad and punishes whoever made her cry. I think Janelle sees through ‘Sobbin Robyn,’ and that’s why you see her rolling her eyes and side-eyeing her a lot, but she’s learned that you can’t cross Robyn, or Kody will make you pay,” wrote one viewer.

“I’m always curious if they watch their show because they would immediately see through Robyn’s b******* lol,” penned a second fan. “I agree; Janelle has her eye on Robyn.”

“I hope these other wives, mainly Meri, can see through all of Robyn’s manipulations. The way Meri jumps when Robyn says so. I’m sorry, but Meri deserves better than this entire family. People love to hate on her, but she’s been talked about so poorly by everyone. I think she’s had a broken heart for her entire relationship with Kody,” claimed a fourth viewer.

Season 17 is a go for the TLC series

According to Christine and Kody’s son Paedon Brown, the family began filming season 17 of Sister Wives in Jan. 2022.

Christine split from the polygamist clan and moved to Utah.

Season 17 will most likely focus on Kody’s multiple broken relationships with his wives and children.

The family has been silent about the current state of their relationships on social media.

TLC has not yet announced a release date for the new season.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe This 1 Wife ‘Sees Through Sobbin’ Robyn’ Brown
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