‘Big Brother 24’: The Women Unexpectedly Blame 1 Person for ‘Sh*t Talking’ Taylor

Big Brother 24 continues to mix the personal with the game. The house addresses how Taylor Hale is being treated, and the women unexpectedly blame one person for it.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on July 25, 2022.]

Taylor Hale’s social game had a rough start on ‘Big Brother 24’

Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog sit next to each other on 'Big Brother 24'
Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog on ”Big Brother 2” | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Every season there is someone who falls to the bottom of the house. This season Taylor found herself on the outs because she avoided talking game in the first week. 

The other women assumed she wasn’t a “girl’s girl” and wanted to work with the men. So they made an alliance without her and Nicole Layog. Taylor and Terrance Higgins were on the block the first week but became safe when Paloma Aguilar self-evicted.

Taylor was on the block next to Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli the second week. He went home because he was a bigger competition threat. But the women are still hoping to use Taylor to target the men, then get rid of her. However, their plan might not work after all.

The ‘Big Brother 24’ women blame Indy for insulting Taylor

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On July 25, the live feeds showed the house after the veto ceremony. Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes used the veto on themselves. Matt “Turner” Turner put Ameerah Jones and Terrance on the block. He mentioned people had been dog piling Taylor, which has the women worried.

Nicole, Ameerah, and Jasmine talked to each other after the veto ceremony. “I wanna know who was talking extreme sh*t on Taylor,” Nicole told them. “That’s what I wanna know. Because I feel like if we know who that is–”

Ameerah chimed in, saying she heard Indy Santos talked about throwing soup in Taylor’s face. That is what Jasmine told her earlier. 

“It’s her,” Jasmine agreed. “Nobody has said anything that vulgar.” Indy got mad at Taylor for happily talking about soup in front of her while Indy was stuck on slop. Taylor apologized to her.

Nicole said this means Turner is protecting Alyssa Snider since if he had put Indy on the block, as her bestie, Alyssa would be on the block too. They think he went for the next best thing.

However, most of the women have said negative things about Taylor at some point. Nicole recently had an argument with Taylor and told her they purely have a “work” relationship now as besties in the game.

‘Big Brother’ fans react to the blindside fallout

Reddit fans shared their reactions to the day, and many of them aren’t buying the houseguests acting clueless. “Jasmine trying to pretend like they all were including Taylor. Girl we watch these feeds,” one person wrote.

“The fact that Turner (clean) checkmated the editors and referenced the bullying that’s been going on in his renom speech so they HAVE to include something about it in the episodes now,” someone else added.

“They will never grasp this move because they can’t fathom that people actually wanted to work with Taylor,” a fan commented.

Soon fans will get to see how the veto ceremony played out on the show. The Leftovers plan is going smoothly so far.

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‘Big Brother 24’: The Women Unexpectedly Blame 1 Person for ‘Sh*t Talking’ Taylor
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