Elvis Presley Was Paid in This Unusual Way For His Only Television Commercial

Elvis Presley was one of the most recognizable faces and voices of the 1950s. He guest-starred on numerous television series, helmed one of his own, and starred in over 30 motion pictures. However, one aspect of the entertainment business Presley did not make his mark in was commercials. While his contemporaries hawked coffee, cigarettes, clothing, and makeup, Presley steered clear from product placement.

Therefore, when he did make his first and only ad, Presley didn’t stray far from the products of his hometown. Instead of receiving monetary compensation, Presley was paid unusually for his only television commercial.

Elvis Presley was a featured performer on 'The Louisiana Hayride' in the early and mid 1950s.
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Presley was one of The Louisiana Hayride‘s most popular performers.

The Graceland website reported Presley’s first appearance on the series was Oct. 16, 1954. He was just 19 years old.

However, Presley returned to the show in November of that same year. His parents, Gladys and Vernon, signed his contract. Presley’s compensation: $18 per show.

Through the rest of 1954 and 1955, Presley appeared weekly at the Louisiana Hayride.

In Oct. 1955, The Louisiana Hayride renewed the entertainer’s contract for $200 per show.

Presley’s last regular appearance on the Hayride was on March 31, 1956.

It was on the ‘Hayride’ that Elvis Presley starred in his only commercial

Austin Butler starred as Elvis Presley in the feature film ‘Elvis,’ which depicted Presley’s first appearance on ‘The Louisiana Hayride.’

Presley starred in his only commercial back in 1954.

The King of Rock and Roll performed as part of a bill sponsored by several local businesses, including Johnnie Fair Syrup and Southern Maid Donuts.

Businessman Bruce Jones, who franchised the business, was a music buff.

When The Louisiana Hayride started, he saw an excellent opportunity to promote his product and soon not only became a sponsor of the show but made sure the series performers helped push business by promoting the product.

After trying the baked goods while performing on The Louisiana Hayride, Presley happily sang their praises and jingle for his only commercial.

“You can get ‘em piping hot after 4 p.m. You can get ‘em piping hot. Southern Maid Donuts hit the spot. You can get ‘em piping hot after 4 p.m.,” he crooned.

Southern Maid Donuts gifted the king a piping hot box of glazed sweet treats as payment. As Presley was known to love traditional southern baked goods, perhaps he enjoyed that type of compensation.

Subsequently, the commercial never aired.

Elvis Presley wasn’t the only superstar who did a commercial for the sweet treat

The official Southern Maid website revealed that Presley wasn’t the only superstar who sang the praises of this sweet southern treat.

For several years, part of this Southern Maid tradition was a significant sponsor of The Louisiana Hayride

Other popular entertainers of the era who also recorded commercials for the local bakery were Minnie Pearl, Johnny Horton, and Johnny Cash.

The Johnny Cash version of the Southern Maid Donuts jingle can be heard in an audio clip where he spoke about the dessert treat and how much he enjoyed them.

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Elvis Presley Was Paid in This Unusual Way For His Only Television Commercial
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