Hallmark Star Ryan Paevey Teases Third ‘Mr. Darcy’ Movie


  • Ryan Paevey says he’s “ready” to make a third Mr. Darcy movie for Hallmark Channel. 
  • Paevey and Cindy Busby previously starred in Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Marrying Mr. Darcy, which were loosely inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice
  • Paevey recently signed an exclusive deal with Hallmark.  
Cindy Busby dancing with Ryan Paevey in 'Unleashing Mr. Darcy'
Cindy Busby and Ryan Paevey in ‘Unleashing Mr. Darcy’ | Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

Will we ever get to see the next chapter in the lives of Donovan Darcy and Elizabeth Scott? Hallmark Channel star Ryan Paevey certainly hopes so. The actor recently said that he’d be up for a third movie in the Jane Austen-inspired Mr. Darcy series if the network is interested. 

The ‘Mr. Darcy’ movies are loosely inspired by ‘Pride & Prejudice’ 

Paevey and Cindy Busby charmed Hallmark Channel viewers in the 2016 movie Unleashing Mr. Darcy. In this modern-day spin on Pride & Prejudice, Busby plays Elizabeth Scott, a high school teacher searching for direction in her life who gets the chance to show her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a New York Dog Show. During the event, she crosses paths with a rude and aristocratic judge named Donovan Darcy (Paevevy). Though the two initially clash, they gradually come to realize their underlying attraction to each other. 

In the 2018 sequel, Marrying Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth and Donovan are happily engaged. With Donovan absorbed in his work, Elizabeth takes charge of planning their wedding. But as the wedding date grows nearer, she’s reminded of the difference in their background and temperaments, forcing her to ask herself if she really wants to marry Mr. Darcy. 

Ryan Paevey knows Hallmark Channel viewers are ‘pumped’ for a third ‘Mr. Darcy’ movie 

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Marrying Mr. Darcy ended with Elizabeth and Donovan saying “I do.” Could there be a third movie that explores what married life is like for the Darcys? Paevey has said he’s up for it. 

“I hope [there’s another Mr. Darcy movie],” he recently told TV Insider. “We’ve been ready to go since we walked off the set of number 2. I’m in. I know Cindy is in. I can probably call Frances [Fisher, who played Donovan’s snobbish aunt Violet Darcy] and see if she would want to join us for a few days … It’s a question of if the powers-that-be want to do another one. I know fans are pumped about the potential.”

Busby has also expressed interest in doing a third movie. 

Another Mr. Darcy movie “would be incredible,” she told International Business Times ahead of the premieres of Marrying Mr. Darcy. “Everyone is so excited, which makes me so excited. That’s the reason I do it. For people to love it and watch it and want more of it.”

Paevey recently signed an exclusive deal with Hallmark Channel

Whether or not there’s another Mr. Darcy movie, viewers can expect to see more of Paevey on Hallmark Channel. The actor recently signed an exclusive, multi-picture deal with the network. 

He opened up to TV Insider about what makes Hallmark special. 

“It’s rare you can find a place like Hallmark that will consistently serve feel-good stuff,” he said. “We get the accusation that it’s a little repetitive. Powers that be know that. The fundamental storylines and equations are starting to change. Becoming more inclusive, embracing a broader range of content and subject matter to be more reflective of real life. The core of it is still the same. The stuff we have you should be able to smile a little wider after watching.”

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Hallmark Star Ryan Paevey Teases Third ‘Mr. Darcy’ Movie
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