Jason Momoa Motorcycle Accident: What We Know, and 4 Actors Who Cheated Death on 2 Wheels

Jason Momoa loves riding motorcycles. One of his best movies before Aquaman was Road to Paloma, a motorcycle road movie he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in. Momoa wasn’t on two wheels when he collided with a motorcyclist on July 24, 2022, and that’s a good thing as he avoided what could have been a tragic accident. Momoa also avoided joining the list of famous actors who have cheated death after motorcycle accidents.

Jason Mamoa attends a The Rolling Stones concert on July 3, 2022. Momoa had a traffic accident with a motorcycle in July 2022, but several other actors cheated death after their motorcycle accident.
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What we know about Jason Momoa’s accident involving a motorcycle

Anyone who questions Momoa’s authentic love for riding motorcycles only needs to visit his YouTube channel, which features several videos of him riding. 

Yet Momoa was driving a car when he collided with a motorcycle. According to CNN, a rider crossed double yellow lines and struck Momoa’s vehicle on July 24, 2022. The impact with Momoa’s car (what looks to be an Oldsmobile 442) ejected the rider, who went to the hospital to be treated for his minor injuries. 

Momoa walked away unscathed, and CNN reports he got out of his car to help the rider who hit his car. If the roles had been reversed, however, Momoa could have joined the list of celebrities with near-fatal motorcycle accidents.

Keanu Reeves cheated death after a collision

Keanu Reeves is such an enthusiast that he started a motorcycle company. As an avid rider, he’s had his share of spills and close calls. Reeves’ first motorcycle accident in 1988 had him convinced he was going to die

Reeves had a separate motorcycle accident after the near-fatal crash. A car pulled out in front of him as he rode, and though he tried his best to avoid the collision, Reeves smacked into the vehicle. The scary accident caused some gruesome injuries: Blood in his mouth, a chipped tooth, and an exposed shin bone.

Reeves is hardly the only actor to cheat death while riding a motorcycle.

Bystanders filmed George Clooney’s motorcycle accident

George Clooney’s motorcycle accident happened in Sardinia, Italy, in 2018. Clooney detailed the frightening accident during an appearance on the Howard Stern show. 

He said he was going about 70 mph when a car turned in front of him. The impact ejected him off the bike, but Clooney said he was lucky to land on all fours, which might have saved his life.

The Oscar-winner for Syriana said what happened after the accident was nearly as bad as the crash itself. Bystanders filmed him and the scene instead of assisting him. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger crashed his motorcycle while he served as California governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 famously launches his motorcycle off a viaduct in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but his stunt double handled that one. Yet Schwarzenegger is no stranger to riding motorcycles — and having some accidents with them.

He collided with a car as he rode his motorcycle around his neighborhood in 2006 while serving as California’s governor. NBC News reported Schwarzenegger didn’t have a license and faced a fine because of it. The accident left him with a cut lip that required stitches. 

Schwarzenegger broke several ribs after a 2001 accident, according to Oklahoma’s KOTV.

Gary Busey nearly died after a crash, and it led to a strange demand while filming a movie

Gary Busey tossed a wrench into the production gears of his 2003 movie, Quigley. The actor made the strange demand to have all mirrors removed from a set that was supposed to look like heaven. And how did the Point Break actor know what heaven looked like? Because he said he visited briefly after a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

Jason Momoa wasn’t on one of his hogs during his July 2022 traffic incident, but if he ever has a motorcycle accident, he’ll have some famous friends to talk to about it.

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Jason Momoa Motorcycle Accident: What We Know, and 4 Actors Who Cheated Death on 2 Wheels
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