Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s Daughter Surprises Her Parents With a Stunning Confession

Many celebrity relationships crash and burn in spectacular fashion, providing fodder for tabloids. But a few celeb couples have stood the test of time. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are a good example of the latter, a solid pair married since 2008 and parents to three children. Alba and Warren maintain a low-key relationship, but they occasionally share bits of their private life and sneak peeks of their celebrity kids. In a recent video on Alba’s official YouTube page, viewers get a hilarious look at their family dynamic. The highlight is an appearance from their 10-year-old daughter, Haven Warren.

How long have Jessica Alba and Cash Warren been together?

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren daughter, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren kids
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren with their kids Haven, Honor, and Hayes in December 2018 | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s love story goes back nearly two decades. According to Us Weekly, the two met on the set of Fantastic Four, a film in which Alba starred as Susan Storm. Warren was working as a production assistant, and when they crossed paths, sparks flew. They began dating while working on the film, and about four years later, they tied the knot in a Beverly Hills ceremony.

Alba later admitted to Just Jared that she knew right away that Warren was someone special. “I just knew when I met him that I was going to know him forever,” the actor said. “I’d never felt like that with anyone. I was usually pretty self-conscious … With him, there was none of that. We got each other. We’re kindred spirits.”

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s daughter makes a hilarious confession that stuns her parents

Over the years, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have welcomed three children. And although they like to maintain their children’s privacy, they have allowed rare glimpses at their hilarious, loving brood.

In an April 2022 YouTube, “The Most Cringey Parenting Questions with Haven & Cash Warren,” Alba, her husband, and her middle child, daughter Haven, sit down to answer some questions.

At one point in the video, Haven asks her mother if she’s ever “broken the law,” admitting she knows the answer because she’s “done it with her before.”

Cash Warren, stunned, asks his young daughter to elaborate. After the girl admits she has jaywalked, Alba sighs in relief and says, “I was like, ‘Where is this gonna go!'”

Warren offers a deadpan response: “I have broken the law lots of times.”

Why do some fans think Haven Warren is adopted?

Alba and Warren’s oldest child, Honor, was born in 2008. Three years later, along came their second daughter, Haven Warren, followed by their son, Hayes, born in 2017. Fans love learning more about the cute siblings — even speculating about their unique good looks.

According to The Things, middle child Haven has red hair and light skin, prompting many to wonder whether the girl might be adopted. Still, Alba has opened up about her daughter’s birth, revealing that even she was surprised when the baby was born with red hair and a fair complexion.

“I really only expected my child to look like Honor,” Alba told People, admitting her oldest child looks just like her. “When the two of us made such a different-looking kid, it was like, ‘OK, I guess we can do this too! It was a nice little surprise.”

And according to Alba’s hilarious YouTube video, Haven continues to surprise her parents.

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s Daughter Surprises Her Parents With a Stunning Confession
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