Paul Sorvino’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Paul Sorvino is well-known for his role in Martin Scorsese’s classic, Goodfellas. Sadly, he died in July 2022 at the age of 83. So, what was Paul Sorvino’s net worth at the time of his death? Here’s what to know about the Hollywood actor’s wealth he accrued through his multi-decade career.

Paul Servino died in July 2022 at the age of 83

Dee Dee Sorvino and Paul Sorvino arm in arm at an event
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Fans who watched shows like Law & Order and mobster hits adored Paul Servino. Sadly, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he died on July 25, 2022, of natural causes. Sorvino reportedly died at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. His wife, Dee Dee, confirmed the death.

“Our hearts are broken, there will never be another Paul Sorvino, he was the love of my life and one of the greatest performers to ever grace the screen and stage,” the publication notes she stated.

Sorvino’s daughter, Oscar-winning actor Mira Sorvino, also confirmed the death on Twitter. “My heart is rent asunder — a life of love and joy and wisdom with him is over,” she wrote. “He was the most wonderful father. I love him so much. I’m sending you love in the stars, Dad, as you ascend.”

Paul Sorvino’s net worth at the time of his death

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With so many notable film and TV roles under his belt, what was Paul Sorvino’s net worth at the time of his death? According to Celebrity Net Worth, he was worth $10 million.

Sorvino began his acting career on Broadway. The publication notes he made his debut on Broadway with the musical Bajour in 1964, and his first film role came six years later in 1970 with Where’s Poppa. Then, in 1971, he had a role in The Panic in Needle Park and received critical acclaim for The Championship Season — a Broadway play put on in 1972.

His roles throughout the ’70s and ’80s solidified his presence in Hollywood and beyond. He acted in A Touch of Class, It Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy, and I Will, I Will … For Now. In 1990, he was cast as Paul Cicero in Goodfellas, which became his most famous role. The following year, he played Sergeant Phil Cerreta in Law & Order and continued to work on the show for 29 episodes. Also, in the ’90s, he played mobsters in The Firm and The Rocketeer.

While Sorvino didn’t have as many notable roles in the 2000s, he worked with his daughter, Mira as an actor and director of the film The Trouble With Cali.

He discussed his critical role as Paulie Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’

Paul Sorvino’s net worth proves he had plenty of critical movie roles throughout his lifetime. But his most famous role will forever be Paulie Cicero in Goodfellas. He discussed the role with the rest of the cast in The New York Times in 2015.

“I would have done a ‘Dinner is served’ role in a Scorsese picture, that’s how much I wanted to work with him,” Sorvino explained. “I met with him and saw immediately he wanted me for the role. I was overjoyed but very worried. I’d done a lot of comedies as well as dramas, but I’d never done a really tough guy. I never had it in me. And this called for a lethality, which I felt was way beyond me.”

He then said he called his manager just three days before film shooting began. He begged his manager to get him out of the role, as he felt he would ruin Goodfellas.

Ultimately, Sorvino went through with the role. “I get a lot of ‘Hey, Paulie!’ every day,” he added. “It’s a little rankling. I didn’t want that to be my legacy. Later on, I made my peace with it. I’m tremendously proud that I was part of it.”

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Paul Sorvino’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death
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